TODI Diving Centre, Beringen

Project summary
Application Swimming pools

Beringen , Belgium

Product(s) used Heraklith roof panels
Building The TODI Diving Centre
Client be-MINE NV

The TODI Diving Centre is the largest indoor diving and snorkelling centre in Belgium and one of the first of its kind in Europe.

It has been constructed on the site of a disused mine which has been transformed to provide a unique recreational and tourist attraction where visitors can dive or snorkel among 2,200 tropical freshwater fish.

TODI is already strengthening the reputation of the province of Limburg as an “all weather” holiday destination and has given the leisure economy in Limburg an important boost.


The impressive-looking diving centre is housed within a futuristic building constructed mainly from concrete, tiles and glass. The diving pool itself reuses the water storage basin formerly serving the mining site.

But combined with a large expanse of water which naturally reflects sound, it was necessary to improve the acoustics.

The challenge was to provide long-lasting materials that can withstand damp conditions whilst offering good sound absorption and pleasing aesthetics.


The solution was to install Heraklith® roof panels as an integral part of the magnificent wooden roof spanning the 36 metre diameter pool.

Heraklith® roof panels provide excellent acoustic performance and are designed to withstand the extreme conditions of a high humidity, heated indoor pool environment. The timber materials are safe and fully retain their strength and shape whilst absorbing and releasing moisture.

Heraklith® roof panels are also easy to fit into tight ceiling applications and offer high resistance to impact, ensuring optimal protection against physical damage.

Made from only PEFC-certified wood, the panels fully meet sustainability requirements.

As divers prepare to enter the 6.2 million litre, 10 metre deep heated pool, their conversations remain pleasantly muted, adding to the relaxed atmosphere of the diving centre and an ultimate diving experience.

Heraklith’s client, be-MINE NV, is a collaboration between the Limburg investment company LRM, DMI Vastgoed and Van Roey Vastgoed, formed to transform and redevelop the former mine sites of Beringen. and www.todi.bePEFC/