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Annual Review 2022

We are excited to announce the launch of our 2022 Annual Review ‘Insulation Matters’.

The front view of several houses in timber frame construction

Knauf timber frame solutions

A boom in prefabricated and modular building techniques has created opportunities to deliver high quality system walls. A unique partnership puts Knauf at the forefront of the timber frame construction revolution.

Knauf Insulation Headquarter

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A meeting with distance and protective masks

Knauf Insulation campaign aims to improve safety by tackling risk

Knauf Insulation is celebrating World Day for Safety and Health at Work with the launch of a safety campaign focused on managing risk at work — It’s Up To Us.

Knauf Insulation colleagues at the Innovation event

Innovation drives Knauf Insulation's commitment to sustainability

At Knauf Insulation innovation drives everything we do. Innovation is not only great for business but more importantly it is great for our customers and for the planet. 

A stethoscope shaped in the form of a skyline

How to improve the health of buildings? Insulation could be just what the doctor ordered

To mark World Health Day, Knauf Insulation’s Head of Building Science discusses how insulation can help improve the well-being and health of buildings.