Sports swimming pool in Györ, Hungary

Project summary
Application Swimming pools

Györ , Hungary

Product(s) used Heraklith-C board surface-treated with cherry-coloured glaze; Heraklith-C board painted yellow (RAL 1002)
Building Györ City Indoor Swimming Pool
Clients Györ Municipality
Architect Mr. Attila Bodrossy, Dimenzió Tervező Kft

The architect had specified wood wool for many projects in the past, including for use in a thermal spa in Györ. It was chosen again because it was proven to stand up very well to both high temperatures and high humidity levels. It is also excellent for reducing noise and can be used as part of the decoration.

László Brassnyó Technical Product Development Manager, Knauf Insulation Kft.


The challenge was to provide a long-lasting material that can withstand wet conditions whilst also offering good sound absorption and pleasing aesthetics. The Györ City Indoor Swimming Pool (Györ Városi Fedett Sportuszoda) is in a complex which accommodates large numbers of people who also come to use the gymnastics hall, concert halls, theatres, and studios. Without good sound absorption the sound levels would be unacceptable.


The solution was to use factory-painted Heraklith-C wood wool panels which are designed to withstand the extreme conditions of an indoor swimming pool environment. The timber materials are safe and fully retain their strength and shape whilst absorbing and releasing moisture.

They also provide colour and aesthetic appeal to the pool area. Heraklith-C boards were surface-treated with cherry coloured glaze and were used in conjunction with Heraklith-C boards painted yellow and suspended in a false ceiling support structure.

Wood wool insulation is naturally durable and can last for the life of the building in which it is used. The boards fit easily into a tight ceiling application, and the high resistance to impact of the wood wool surface ensures optimal protection against physical damage.