Heraklith® wishes you a warm winter

It is time to think about insulation

As winter approaches, our attention is inevitably drawn to making sure our homes are well insulated. This year, with soaring heating costs and plummeting temperatures predicted for much of the Northern hemisphere, it is going to be more important than ever to limit heat loss, and to control humidity and condensation.

Up to 60% of heat can be lost through the external walls, doors and windows of an uninsulated house. More than 30% can be lost through roofs, and more through uninsulated floors.

The good news is that considerable savings can be made from a relatively modest investment in the professional installation of effective insulation materials.

Among the best and most cost-effective solutions for walls and ceilings may be the installation of Heraklith wood wool panels that are renowned for their exceptional thermal properties due to their wood wool fibre structure.

The panels are a popular choice as they can be quickly and easily fixed using various mounting methods, and their availability in a range of exciting, coloured finishes makes them an attractive addition to any commercial or non-commercial interior.

Additional benefits include excellent acoustic properties for reducing sound, as well as outstanding fire resistance.

At Heraklith we would always recommend involving energy and insulation experts in the initial stages of any renovation, because they can explain potential challenges and help to avoid problems in advance.

They may also recommend using Heraklith Wood Wool panels in conjunction with the wide range of additional solutions from Knauf Insulation. These include Glass Mineral Wool solutions for pitched roofs, Rock Mineral Wool insulations for flat roofs, Mineral Wool façade systems, Urbanscape Green Roof solutions, and SUPAFIL Blowing Wool. There’s also a range of Homeseal solutions to ensure interior comfort by locking in the internal heat of your home while allowing it to breathe, as well as accessories such as vapour control layers, weather membranes and tapes and sealants.

With very little effort you will notice the difference immediately, but it will also be a worthwhile investment for many years to come in terms of energy savings, thermal comfort and a healthy home.