Heraklith® continues to enhance quality

Customers of our renowned range of Heraklith® wood wool insulation panels continue to benefit from Knauf Insulation’s investment to introduce some of the latest technology at our manufacturing plants.

To mark World Quality Week, Heraklith® proudly showed off some of the significant quality improvements that have been made at our manufacturing plant in Zalaegerszeg in Hungary. These have included new wood planing machinery to produce shorter fibres for better spreading and improved surface quality, as well as advanced spreading techniques for reduced thickness variation and increased reliability.

Further enhancements are being made as the plant moves to a fully automated and computer-controlled process.

By investing in some of the latest technology we can ensure Heraklith® remains ahead of the competition, continuing to provide customers with the very finest insulation panels.

Joachim Wieltschnig Technical Director Wood Wool